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Transferring Water Rights

March 28, 2019
What’s the importance of getting the transfer done right? Water licenses, just like other forms of property, can be transferred from one individual or entity to another. Although s 36 of the Duties Act (1997) (NSW) (‘Duties Act’) provides for the abolition of stam...

First Home Super Saver Scheme

December 4, 2018
Introduced to assist first home buyers, the First home super saver (FHSS) scheme allows individuals to save for their first home inside of their superannuation fund. Are there any limits on how much can be contributed? Yes, you can contribute up to $15 000 any one finan...

Downsizer Contribution, Is It Right for You?

November 30, 2018
The Australian Government has recently introduced measures that are intended to ease pressures on housing affordability. One of these measures is the downsizer contribution. The purpose of the downsizer contribution is to encourage older Australians into selling their h...

Who Controls the Company?

August 22, 2018
Tax Ruling 2018/5 and the central management and control test of residency What’s the ruling and what’s it about? Tax Ruling 2018/5 (‘TR 2018/5’) relates to the ‘central management and control’ test of company residency, and how the test should be applied. T...

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