Fixed price agreements

The Legal profession is one of the few where the pricing of legal services is based on a cost plus model – that is, the price paid by the client is judged according to the costs inputs to the lawyer plus a margin. This pricing is done in arrears after the job is done and is implemented via the medium of time recording. To most clients, entering into an agreement like this brings uncertainty and fear. The commercial risk of an engagement is borne by the client through this mechanism which many clients find unsatisfactory. At PGG Legal we have moved to providing fixed price costs agreements. This may involve one price for an entire engagement or it may involve an engagement  being priced in accordance with stages as more facts and information are gathered. Either way you retain control over an engagement and you will know what an engagement will cost and you will be able to judge the value of the service provided. Our services are also complimented by an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied you do not pay. Simple.

Peter Gell

Peter was admitted as a solicitor in 1981 and holds qualifications in law and a Masters degree in taxation conferred by the University of NSW. Peter practises in taxation advisory, estate planning and wills, probate and commercial law.