Sales Proceedings of Reckon Docs

As you may know, Reckon Docs as a business was sold by Reckon Limited to Now Infinity/Class super in February this year.

This firm has continued to provide legal support to Reckon Docs since the sale under a temporary arrangement which will expire in August.

Peter Gell of this office has been the main legal support to Reckon Docs and its customers since 2008 and since 2017 this firm, PG Gell Legal Services Pty Ltd trading as PGG Legal, has been the sole supplier of legal document templates to Reckon Docs.

The onboarding of Reckon Docs’ customers onto Class Super/ Now Infinity platform is expected to be completed by August.

At this time, Now Infinity is not taking new clients onto the Reckon Docs platform. Clients can sign with Now Infinity.

From mid – late August this firm will not be providing legal support to Now Infinity.

Now Infinity/Class super do provide well drafted legal documents available for the online market and at a fair price. We expect we shall also be a customer of Now Infinity/Class Super for particular products.

This firm, however, retains join ownership of the copyright in Reckon Docs documents with Class super/ Now Infinity.

We will be in a position to help clients with documents. We do not intend to mass market the documents we will supply. The documents offered will be a premium document customised to each order. They are likely to be further improved or changed from the current Reckon templates.

Any document supplied will be supplied after considering the detail of the client’s circumstances and needs and will be supported by three experienced lawyers. The service will be on a bespoke, customised basis.

An outline of the services provided:

  • Family trusts – discretionary and discretionary hybrid or unit trust hybrid
  • Unit trusts – ordinary unit trusts, non-controlled unit trusts for the purposes of s70E SIS act, and SIS act regulation 13.22C ungeared trusts, NSW fixed land tax trusts
  • Superannuation deeds
  • Limited recourse borrowing arrangements and custodian trust documents
  • Amending deeds for changes in trustees, appointors and beneficiaries under trusts
  • Amending deeds for conversion of unit trusts to fixed unit trusts for income tax purposes and for NSW land tax purposes
  • Wills and testamentary trusts
  • Powers of attorney and guardianship documents
  • Complex control plans for estate planning purposes
  • General trust law and estate advice

Why consider PGG Legal?

You would not use this firm if you wanted the cheapest product available without any analysis of what the client actually requires given each client’s unique circumstances.

You would use this firm if you wanted your client’s circumstances considered by experienced lawyers, who either have master’s degrees in taxation or are working through a master’s degree and who spend large sums of money annually on continued education. Together the three lawyers at this firm have a combined legal experience exceeding 70 years.

Online providers are fine but at the end of the day – who bears ultimate responsibility for something you order for a client. Do you? Are you engaging in legal work by making choices and judgements as to what products to order, and how the document ordered is to be structured and administered? Why take the risk?

This firm gets results for your client – leave it to the experts.

Peter Gell

Peter was admitted as a solicitor in 1981 and holds qualifications in law and a Masters degree in taxation conferred by the University of NSW. Peter practises in taxation advisory, estate planning and wills, probate and commercial law.